Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mikandi apk Download an Android App Store by Mikandi.com

MiKandi is an uncensored adult app store on Android devices. With over 4.5 million users and 11000 adult games, MiKandi reported that the market had been downloaded over 80,000 times onto Android devices. MiKandi application had been installed on 2 million devices. The native MiKandi application is only available for the Android operating system

Mikandi app

Features Of Mikandi app apk Download

MiKandi had been installed on 3.8 million Android devices and had a catalog of over 7,000 adult applications.
  • This Mikandi market’s own virtual currency, MiKandi Gold
  • Over 7,000 adult applications. 
  • Introduced a new product called MiKandi Theater
  • MiKandi released full in-app billing support
  • The World’s First App Market for Adults

Download Mikandi App market For Android

Caution: This app app is not suitable for Under 18 People